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About Us

The Sainthia town is located at the middle of Birbhum District. It is in the Jurisdiction of Sainthia P.S. This town is 85 kms away from Burdwan and approx 200 km from Kolkata by Railway. The year of establishment of Sainthia Municipality is 1987 and from the starting of the day it has 16 wards and 16 Sq km area. Present population (2011 last cencus) is 44437 while slum population is 24830 (35 number Slum). Sainthia was very much famous for export and import Center for cottege industry and agricultural based different goods. Now the oldest Sainthia is gradually get the momentum of a brand new Town to be a samrt Town.

A prospectful Sainthia Town having all sorts of potentially in respect of employment, education, cultrual and Social activities, Health facilites with social & civic hazards.

* Improvemnt of Infrastructure Development and traffic Control Management System.

* Improvement of Water Supply Management and Excavation of Drainage canals, Water bodies & drainage outfalls with a view to controlling water logging, flood.

* Strengthening and developing Solid waste Management system with the help of PPP model.

* As important business place and a good number of Businessmen carring on their various trades & business with infrastructure support might bring a commendable position in respect of an Industrial Zone.

* To create more employment facilities for the poor categories people and better implementation of Govt. scheme.

* Strengthing an developing Health Management Information System.

* Coverage 100% litreacy in the whole municipal area.

* To improve the municipal organization and various municipal internal system and service.

* Better co-ordination and communication with the citizen.


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